Cpp Blackboard, My Cpp, Cpp Broncodirect, Cpp library

What is Blackboard cpp

Cal Poly Pomona has developed a page called Blackboard , which helps to learn and access the services provided by the university for the students , staff and faculty by logging into its page using bronco login .
Blackboard also provides access to the guests by extending its university login .
Blackboard gives information about courses retention and restoration services . It provides relevant links on :

  • eLearning .
  • eLearning’s request forms ( faculty and staff only ) .
  • Blackboard policies and procedures .
  • Browsers support .

Login Blackboard cpp account

To login to Blackboard CPP account , you must use the CAS services .

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Steps to login into Blackboard CPP account .

  • Click on the CAS services link available on the Blackboard page .
  • You will be redirected to cal poly Pomona online services page to login .
  • Enter the Bronconame in the respective box .
  • Next enter the password .
  • Click on login button .
  • Incase you have forgotten the password ,
  • click on forgot password available on the page, which helps you in recreating a new password.

What is my cpp?

CPP is abbreviated as , California State Polytechnic university and is popularly known as “ Cal Poly Pomona” . Cal Poly Pomona is a public polytechnic state university and is established in the year 1938. Cal Poly Pomona is located at Pomona, California in U.S.

The motto of Cal Poly Pomona is “ Application Of Knowledge ” . Cal Poly Pomona is one of the two Polytechnics in the California State University system . Cal Poly Pomona provides the education in various degrees, as, Bachelor’s Degree in 94 majors, 39 Master’s Degrees, 13 teaching credentials, and also a doctorate among 9 distinct academic colleges. Cal Poly Pomona has an enrollment in undergraduates of 24,314 and an enrollment in postgraduates of 1,125. Cal Poly Pomona has an academic staff of 1,330.

The university rankings of Cal Poly Pomona fall accordingly . Forbes has ranked Cal Poly Pomona 301 in the nation. U.S. News & World Report has ranked 31st rank in the regional. Washington Monthly has ranked 169th in Master’s University Class.
Cal Poly Pomona sports team known as Cal Poly Pomona Broncos has won 14 NCAA national championship . Present and former Cal Poly Pomona athletes has won 3 gold , 1 silver , and 3 bronze olympic medals .

My Cpp Login

Cal Poly Pomona offers its online services to the students and the staff , by getting logged into its official website.

Steps to login into cal poly Pomona.

  • Go to the official website of cal poly Pomona.
  • Enter the bronconame ( the cal poly Pomona user name, which is the primary identifier for campus-wide computer systems.)
  • Enter the broncopassword .
  • Click the login button .
  • Cal Poly Pomona uses email as the official means of communication. You are required to maintain a current email address on file with the university and to check your email regularly.

After the login , You can get access to the services cal poly Pomona is providing . Use the menu to locate the services you are seeking. The services are available for the applicants , students , faculty , advisor , and employees . One can reach out to academic calendar , syllabus , schedule , timings , blogs , look ups , faculty availability and etc.

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What is cpp broncodirect

Cal Poly Pomona Broncodirect provides the easy access to the university information , administrative services and business transactions . You must log in using your BroncoName and BroncoPassword. Visit BroncoDirect at: http://www.cpp.edu/broncodirect .
Once you click on the broncodirect link , you will be taken to the login page , where you need to enter your credentials .

Steps to enter the credentials.

  • Enter the user ID in the user id box .
  • Enter the password .
  • Select the language from the drop down menu .
  • Check the enable accessibility mode box .
  • Click on sign in button .

What is cpp library

Cal Poly Pomona university has a vast collections of books and articles , study and help , tech and print , newspapers , journals and course reserves .
In books its has :
Search the library catalog .
In books its has :
1. Search the library catalog .
2. eBooks .
3. Return .
4. Recommend a purchase .
5. Fees .
6. Borrow and Renew .
7. Google Books .
8. Holds .

In articles it has:

1. Help finding articles .
2. Library database .
3. Database help .
4. Citing articles .
5. Interlibrary services : Document Delivery .
6. Peer reviewed articles .

In Journals it has:

1. Newspapers and periodical locations .
2. Online journals by title .
3. Help finding journals .
4. Scholarly or academic journals .

Newspapers contains:
1. About finding newspapers .
2. Newspaper databases .

Course Reserves contains:

1. Search Reserves .
2. About reserves .

Library passwords and remotes access contains:

1. Remote access .
2. My library account .
3. Report a problem .